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Automated Valve Manufacturers in Saudi Arabia

Smart Tek Log is a leading automated valve manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. We are also a top dealers, suppliers and exporters of automated valve in Saudi Arabia. At Smart Tek Log, automated valve manufacturing is supervised by a group of qualified experts; we have the capacity to offer our customers an extensive range of automated valves in Saudi Arabia. We are fully equipped with products, complying with innovative technology with premium quality international standards norms, meeting all your specified requirements regarding automated valves and all our products.

This automated valve is used in various industries such as power plants, automation, mining industry, food industry, refineries, nuclear processes, pipelines etc. In addition to this, our quality experts check it on various industry defined quality parameters to ensure the quality of automated valve and performance.

The Automated valve is a device operated by using hydraulic, electric and pneumatic actuators. We are guaranteed to supply automated valves with great quality, performance and delivery, Ready to satisfy your automated valve related demands. Clients can avail these automated valves from Smart Tek Log with the best specifications in Saudi Arabia.

Smart Tek Log is an authorized dealer, supplier and exporter of automated valves in Saudi Arabia. We supply and export our automated valves in and around Nigeria.


  • Food Beverage Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paint Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Water Purification Treatment Plants