Ball Valve

Ball Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers in Goa

Smart Tek Log is one of the well-known ball valve manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and exporters in Goa, of the most cutting-edge, simple-to-integrate industrial Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valves. Only highly qualified graded materials are used in the production of our products, which generates extraordinarily high levels of client satisfaction. Because of our quality, we have become one of the most popular suppliers of ball valve systems, and we guarantee that we will construct every valve precisely to their specifications and expectations.

Product Description

A ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that controls flow through it using a hollow, perforated ball that pivots. When the ball's hole is parallel to the flow, the valve is open; when the valve handle pivots the ball 90 degrees, the ball valve is closed. It is simple to visually confirm the status of the ball valve because the handle sits flat in line with the flow when it is open and perpendicular to it when it is closed.

Ball Valves Materials

  • (CAC401, CAC406) Bronze
  • Metal (C3771)
  • Cast iron in grey (FC200, FC300)
  • Castings made of duplex iron (FCD-S)
  • Castings made of carbon steel for use under high temperatures and pressure (SCPH 2)
  • Castings made of stainless steel (SCS13A, SCS14A)