Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve in Goa

Butterfly Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers in Goa

Butterfly valves manufacturers and suppliers in Goa have become more popular than ball valves in many industries these days. Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that are used to start or stop the flow of a liquid or gas. It comes with a disk which is mounted on a rotating shaft.

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Testing and Quality

Smart Tek Log only use top-grade materials in the manufacture of our products and adhere to API standards, we were able to obtain the API 609 Certificate for Butterfly Valves manufacturers in Goa as well as approvals from BHEL, and numerous other organisations. Because we must go through each unit of our Quality team, who tested our Butterfly Valve products in the lab before we delivered them to our valued customers, we are always prepared to accept third party inspections for our products.

Mechanism of Butterfly Valve

The pneumatic Butterfly valve manufacturer and supplier in Goa is installed in the middle of the fluid flow and has a straightforward mechanism that requires little maintenance. A rod in the middle of the device, which is attached to a disc, spins every three rotations, allowing the device to open and close. A butterfly-shaped metal disc rotates a quarter turn to allow fluid to flow endlessly, sluggish opening valves will reduce flow, and spinning the disc will stop both the flow and the valve. A pneumatic actuator that is mounted to the valve controls pressurised air that is used to operate it. Therefore, only the pneumatic actuator, which operates this valve quickly, easily, safely, and at the lowest possible cost, needs to be operated.