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Vertical Multistage Pump manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers and Exporters in Aurangabad, India. Vertical multistage pump is the majority of pumps have the impellers installed on the same shaft, though they can also be mounted on distinct shafts. Applications requiring higher pressures, such as those in industrial, commercial, medical, industrial, high-rise buildings, municipal water supply, and agricultural applications such as irrigation, demand for the installation of vertical multistage pumps.

Smart Tek Log Manufacturers both type of Vertical Multistage Pump with maintaining its quality range of products i.e: Centrifugal Pump and Renewable. The liquid enters the pump casing through the inlet and travels to the impeller's eye. An electric motor, engine, or other mechanical gadget drives and rotates a turbine's impeller. The fluid is forced along the impeller vane and pushed to the outer tip of the impeller vane where it enters the stage diffuser by the centrifugal force produced by the impeller's rotation. The fluid is directed towards the suction eye of the following impeller by the diffusers, a sort of cutwater. Once the fluid has gone through each impeller step, the procedure is repeated. The fluid is then forced through a final diffuser and into the pump discharge before exiting the pump casing.

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Product Details

Stages Multi stage
Phase Three Phase
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Material of Construction Steel
Power Source Electrical
Country of Origin India


  • The "Shurricane" hydraulic innovation for EVMS
  • anywhere, any motor
  • multiple pipe connections
  • simple maintenance for replacing mechanical seals
  • Drinking water use licence for EVMS with DM174, ACS, KTW, and PZH

Technical Data

Nominal Flow Rate(m3/hr) 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20 32, 45, 54
Max. Total Head(m) 249 307
Model in AISI 304 EVMS EVM
Model in AISI 316 EVMSL EVML
Model in Cast Iron EVMSG EVMG


  • Industry: e.g. water treatment, boiler feeding, wash and clean, chilling, machine tooling, pressure boosting, food & beverage, pharmaceutical industries, marine applications
  • Building service: e.g. pressure boosting, sprinkler systems, fire fighting systems, district heating, heat exchanger/fan heaters, air conditioning systems, heating systems
  • Water supply: e.g. water treatment, pressure boosting, irrigation, agriculture