Chemical Process Pumps

Chemical Process Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers in Nashik

One of the most reputable chemical pump manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, and exporters in Nashik, Maharashtra, Smart Tek Log offers the most cutting-edge pumps to meet your needs. Chemicals are transmitted via chemical pumps. They are resistant to severe industrial substances like fuel, paint, bleach, solvents, etc. which are acidic and abrasive. The selection among centrifugal and positive displacement depends only on the needs of the application being considered.

Mechanically sealed and seal-less magnetic drive pump solutions are offered for the Smart Tek Log. In addition to providing customised solutions, our product line also includes innovative vortex, peripheral, and self-priming pumps.

Several significant advancements in pump technology are magnetic drive pumps with dry-run-optimized safe Glide plus plain bearings and Pump condition monitoring system safe run. These chemical process pumps and magnet drive pumps provide the most installation versatility, durability due to the best material combination with PTFE lining and PFA disc, better corrosion resistance, increased lifetime, and reduced operating costs. As the leading manufacturers of horizontal and vertical pumps in Nashik, we make sure that each and every pump that is shipped complies with the highest industry ANSI standards. Following are a few uses for vertical pumps: APIs and Pharma. Horizontal pumps serve a function in a wide variety of industries, refineries, and mills. There are numerous applications for horizontal pumps, and Investa manufactures them in a wide range of sizes and requirements.

Product Details

Brand Investa
Material Stainless Steel
Frequency 50Hz
Temperature 350 deg C
Phase 3 Phase
Max Capacity 1000m3/hr
Max Head 150m
Pressure 2550kpa

Applications of Pumps

  • Distilleries(Fermentation and Evaporation Section)
  • Mineral Recovery Plants
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Pulp and Paper industry for the transfer of Black and Green Liquor
  • Starch Industry
  • Dyes and Pigments
  • Chloro Alkali Plants
  • Pesticides and Insecticides
  • Fertilizers

Majorly there are 2 typologies of Chemical Process Pump Smart Tek Log Manufacturer:

  • PVDF Chemical Process Pump
  • PP Chemical Process Pump

PVDF Chemical Process Pump

Manufacturing and Supplying PVDF Chemical Process Pump in Nashik, India is precisely what we offer. The outstanding chemical inertness and exceptional aging resistance of fluorinated polymers are often praised. PVDF, or polyvinylidene fluoride, has the distinct benefit of being simple to process using all the standard techniques employed in the plastics industry adapted by Smart Tek Log.

Head 120 (or 394)
Material PVDF
Capacity 500 (or 2200 US gpm)
Speed 1440 RPM
Motor Power 150 HP (or 115 kW)
Frequency 50Hz
Viscosity 150 mPas (cP)
Working Pressure 12 bar (175 psi)
Suction Lift 8 m (26 ft) with priming chamber
Specific Gravity 1.8
Minimum Continuous Flow 3 m3/hr (13 US gpm)
Maximum Temperature 120 deg C (or 250 deg F)
Suction and Delivery Connection ANSI B16.5 - Class 150
Shaft Seal Single (TB / TBR) & Drott
Bearing Rolling Element Bearing
Lubrication Grease & Oil
Motor Compatibility IS 1231 & IEC 72 - 1

PP Chemical Process Pump

PP Chemical Process Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in Nashik is the best PP chemical Process Pump Dealer. They are fully in accordance with ISO 2858 standard design, horizontal, and back-pull out single stage end suction centrifugal pumps that are energy efficient and offer the best pumping options with the lowest life cycle costs for all chemical manufacturing processes.

Head 120 (or 394 ft)
Frequency 50Hz
Bearing Type Rolling Element Bearing
Capacity 500 m3/hr (or 2200 US gpm)
Specific Gravity 1.8
Material PP
Country of Origin Made in India
Suction Lift 8 m (26 ft) With Priming Chamber
Motor Power 150 HP (or 115 kW)
Maximum Temperature 82 deg C (or 180 deg F)
Motor Compatibility IS 1231 & IEC 72 - 1
Suction and Delivery Connection ANSI B16.5 - Class 150
Shaft Seal Single (TB / TBR) & Drott
Series PLM
Lubrication Grease & Oil
Viscosity 150 mPas (cP)
Working Pressure 12 bar (175 psi)